Long before we created Vine Bars, we developed an interest in nutrition and health. Eventually it transformed into a passion and became an important part of our daily lives. We were constantly trying to find the best healthy snacks, foods, and supplements. Unfortunately, we were usually unsatisfied with many of the products that we found.

Our biggest issue was consistently with nutrition and protein bars. We found that too many of these “healthy” bars focused on marketing that they’re packed with protein or have zero sugar. While those are good things, they are often achieved in ways that actually diminish the quality of the food that they are passing off as healthy.

Additives. Fake Sweeteners. Natural Flavors. Every time we had another delicious bar, we would see some or all of these ingredients on the label. And if the bar didn’t have some sort of harmful ingredient, it almost always tasted bland, dry, or was impossible to chew! All we wanted was a nutritious bar that could be a staple in any daily routine. Unable to find what we were looking for, our number one priority became creating it - a bar that didn’t sacrifice taste for health or vice versa.

When creating Vine Bars, we ignored these marketing gimmicks and simply focused on creating a wholesome snack. It is meant to be a helpful building block for your healthy lifestyle, whatever that may be. 

No Additives. No Tricks. Just real, delicious ingredients.